Varitra has created ‘Offline Learning Kits’ to help our rural children continue learning at home as their only connection to studies (school) has been cut during Covid-19.

By donating Rs. 300, you’ll be sponsoring one child’s learning at home for the next 3 months.

Covid-19 learning kit

What is an “Offline Learning Kit”?

Each learning kit by Varitra Foundation comprises of a set of 5 workbooks carefully curated based on grade-level curriculum by NCERT. With this, we also provide stationery essentials and drawing material alongwith workbooks to help village children stay engaged with studies from home.

Why “Offline Learning Kits”?

All their lives, our rural children in India have associated learning with school, teacher, books and a blackboard. To overnight switch to a phone, a virtual class on apps they aren’t familiar with, homework on WhatsApp - the experience of remote-learning could be both confusing and challenging for them. Hence, its effectiveness on grass-root levels remains a big question. Our team took a short survey in July 2020 across eight of our partner villages and found that more than 50% rural children have no access to any form of online education during Covid-19.
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